• We Understand The Game

    We Understand The Game

    To keep up-to-date with the fast-changing digital ecosystem of internet, mobile, and information technology, we work with adaptive models that allow for rapid assimilation of marketing trends. The bottom-line is, iPro can harness the potential of your brand to engage in real relationships with your current and prospective customers online.
  • Traffic. Sales. Leads.

    Traffic. Sales. Leads.

    We have all your marketing needs covered. At iPro, we offer all-inclusive marketing strategies designed to meet your business-specific goals. We will ensure your marketing effort is profitably, insightfully, and creatively maximized.
  • Partner With Us

    Partner With Us

    Since our inception in 2007, iPro has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients from renowned auto dealerships to publicly traded companies in Canada and the United States. Our success is built upon the brands and people whom we work with.

Why Advertise Online?

Why Advertise Online?

Advertising online gives you control, flexibility, and performance. Learn More.

Got Questions?

Got Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our service and would like to know how we can increase your brand presence online, please feel free to contact us now.

Engage Your Brand Online.

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    e-Commerce Advertising
    e-Commerce advertising is a marketing technique for businesses that support the process of distributing, buying, and selling of goods and services over the Internet. e-Commerce advertising can combine with other marketing strategies like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and email advertising to increase traffic, brand exposure, and conversions. Learn More
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    Search Engine Marketing
    The most valuable buyer is one who is hyperactive, that is, a person who wants to buy and is ready to buy. Therefore, the goal of Search Engine Marketing is to have your ad rank on the top position of the first results page and use keywords to create specific targets and messages to attract these hyperactive buyers to click on your ad, engage on your website, and complete conversion goal. Learn More
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    Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing can be very effective because it is leveraging on the power of digital word-of-mouth advertising. It allows web users to share, tweet, or “like” information to create conversation and noise for a brand, product, or service on a global scale instantly and virally. Learn More

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    Internet Media Buying
    Internet media buying takes advantage of two power features – graphics & targeting technology. First, graphical ads have the power of attracting attention and appealing to people’s emotional and psychological senses, which are often more captivating than basic text ads. Moreover, advertisers are able to target their ads by geographical location, income level, and gender, which increase the precision of matching ads to related display network websites. Learn More

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    Retargeting or remarketing is a form of online advertising in which ads are delivered to consumer based on their past interactions with a website that did not result in a conversion. For example, you wanted to buy a new camera online so you added it in the shopping cart. After some thought, you decided not to buy it just yet. Then as you browse on other websites, you see the same camera being advertised. The purpose is to direct you back to the original website to re-engage and purchase the camera. Learn More

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