About Us

Who We Are

At our core, iPro Interactive Marketing Inc. (“iPro”) is an internet advertising company. We offer a complete range of online marketing solutions carefully designed to help achieve your business-specific goals. Our passion lies in the people whom we work with, in which we strive to harness the power of all advertising mediums to unlock the potential of our clients’ brands. Our objective is to essentially help your business develop the brand that initiates conversations and engages your customers.

iPro houses a talented team of internet marketing specialists, with over seven years of experience and credibility in the field. Since 2007 under the leadership of Fred Lam, iPro is proud to work with a number of major car dealerships like BMW, as well as other publicly traded companies with their marketing efforts. Our client base is gradually expanding from Vancouver to the United States to help businesses earn profits creatively, effectively, and affordably.

What We Offer

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Retargeting (RTG)
  • Internet Media Buying
  • Website Design and Development
  • Graphics Design
  • e-Commerce Advertising
  • Newsletter Management

What We Deliver

Whether you decide to advertise on social media platforms, search engines, targeted placements, or any of our available service, our main objective is to bring customers to your brand through interactions. This can range from website engagement, lead generation, sales, tweets, or to your desired goal conversion.

We recognize that every client has different goals and expectations. To ensure your marketing effort is well spent, we work closely with you to understand your business needs and devise a plan that is targeted and adaptive to market trends. Our sophisticated and proven marketing communication methodology is all-inclusive, utilizing up-to-date internet mediums and execution processes that result in highly responsive and profitable campaigns. Each campaign phase is continually tested and optimized to ensure low advertising costs and high return on investments.