Why Advertise Online?

Flexibility - iPro Interactive

While traditional advertising is still the primary form of marketing for most companies, it involves huge risks and costs because of its inability to make changes once the advertising campaign is launched. In contrast, online advertising is more cost-effective because of its flexibility to make instant changes. Adjustments can be made to the advertising budget, message, distribution, and other aspects in response to the competition and business strategy. It allows the testing of campaign performance so that companies can maximized their marketing spend on the advertisements that yield the most desirable results.

Conversion - iPro Interactive

With online advertising such as search engine marketing or internet media buying, you have complete control over all elements of your advertising campaigns. You may set a different daily budget for each advertising medium depending on your promotional needs. Within each medium, you may also set a different budget for your campaigns, ad groups, ads, and even keywords with the flexibility to make changes anytime. Moreover, you may control who sees your advertisements by targeting specific geographic regions, demographic attributes, and the network and devices used. With media buying or display advertising, you may also control the frequency of your ad shown during specific times of day per unique visitors to the publisher websites. Having the ability to control your advertising campaign ensures your message is relevant to your potential customers, which increases the chance of a desired goal conversion. More importantly, it triggers customer interaction with your brand.

Performance - iPro Interactive

One of the most important advantages of online advertising is the ability to track performance in real time. You can see where your high-performing ads and keywords are by its click-through-rate (how many times a person clicks on your ad) and quality score (how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing pages are), so you can strategically increase your budget to maximize relevant clicks. Given the flexibility to make changes and track performance, you are able to try out different advertising content and strategies to see which yield the better result. After you can even re-create and execute the higher-performing ads in traditional advertising to save time and costs from trial-and-error.