Internet Media Buying

Internet Media Buying
What is Internet Media Buying?

Internet Media Buying is the purchasing of an advertising space on an online media venue such as a publisher’s website. Banner advertising is an example of internet media buy, where both static and animated graphical ads are placed on content relevant display network websites.

Why invest in Internet Media Buying?

Internet media buying takes advantage of two powerful features – graphics and targeting technology such as Google Adword’s retargeting preference. First, graphical ads have the power of attracting attention and appealing to people’s emotional and psychological senses, which are often more captivating than basic text ads. Moreover, advertisers are able to target their ads by geographical location, income level, and gender, which increase the precision of matching ads to the related display network websites. Along with retargeting, advertisers are able to track people’s online behaviour and target personalized ads to them for future re-engagement with the advertiser’s website.

At iPro, we have your campaign objectives at heart. Based on your desired goals, we will perform media research and develop a media buying strategy to help you secure the best placements at the most reasonable price within your budget. We will also constantly help you optimize your campaign by tracking performance and replacing poor-performing ads, with the purpose to help you achieve a positive return on investment.

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