Newsletter Management

Newsletter Management
What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is a direct marketing technique where businesses send advertising messages to a group of people through electronic mail.

Why invest in e-mail marketing?

Email-marketing is relatively cheap compared with other advertising methods, which allows you to test out the waters without committing too many resources. It also provides a high return on investment because of the ability to target and personalize marketing messages to your target customers. Moreover, email marketing is measureable with newsletter management tools to track performance.

Our team at iPro can provide the knowledge and experience necessary to create an effective e-mail marketing campaign and assists you with newsletter management. Through the use of mail server tracking tools, we can track, analyze, and optimize performance to increase view-through rates and customer responsiveness and interaction. We can also create HTML format newsletters to give you greater control over formatting, layout, color, graphics, and most importantly, branding. HTML design can also provide many possibilities and interactive functionality within each email such as embedded forms, links, and surveys to truly participate your reader.

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