Retargeting (RTG)

Retargeting - iPro Interactive
What is RTG?

Retargeting or remarketing is a form of online advertising in which ads are delivered to consumers based on their past interactions with a website that did not result in a conversion. For example, you wanted to buy a new camera online so you added it in the shopping cart. After some thought, you decided not to buy it just yet. Then as you browse on other websites, you see the same camera being advertised. The purpose is to direct you back to the original website to re-engage and purchase the camera.

How does it work?

When a web surfer visits a website, the site runs a remarketing tag (a code) from a third party ad network. The remarketing tag then places a cookie on the visitor’s computer, which will collect information about the user’s browsing behaviours and tie it to the cookie. Then when the web surfer browses on a website that displays retargeted advertisements, the cookie communicates with the ad space and controls which ad the user sees iPro works closely with Google on PPC based retargeting campaigns, reaching over 85% of the total internet audience in the United States and Canada. Given the large number of websites who join the Google Display Network, you are able to connect with many users on your retargeting lists who browse these sites. We can help integrate and customize your retargeting strategies with different targeting options, so you can be sure your ads are highly relevant to your potential consumers. This may well likely result in a higher conversion rate and return on investment.

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