iPro has been qualified to participate in the 2nd Google Engage All-Stars Competition! All we have to do is acquire new clients to advertise on Google between August 8th and September 30th and keep track on their Adwords spending. If we are able to bring in $1000 in Adwords revenue, we are eligible to win a Google Chromebook. If we are able to bring in $5000, we are eligible to win a trip to Google Headquarters in California for an exclusive training event! We are super excited for this challenge and we have already made $1000 in Adwords Revenue! We are just $4000 away to win the big prize so we could all benefit! How? Well, we will go to the training and use our new acquired knowledge to help your business grow online! After all, this is our ultimate goal for becoming a member of Google Engage for Agencies. So, if you plan on advertising online, contact us now and see how we can help engage your brand with your customers and deliver highly profitable campaigns!

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